Ins & Outs of SVG 2019

Ashton Lagoon Restoration Project being undertaken by Sustainable Grenadines, the largest mangrove forest and lagoon in St. Vincent and The Grenadines. The InterpretiveCentrearrangesguided tours into the lagoon with interpretive signs along the trail. New moorings near the sheltered Frigate Rock offer a wonderful new layover option in the Southern Grenadines. The reefs in this area are in wonderful condition and GlenroyAdams of GrenadinesDivehas been successfully taking divers to the many nearby superb dive sites for over 30 years. Just 5-minutes drive from Clifton is Bigsand, a sheltered, white, crescent-shaped beach, where the new Sparrow’s Beach Club and Restaurant provides day moorings, good general facilities and delicious food and cocktails. The swimming and snorkeling here are excellent with moorings provided for visiting yachts. Their convenient 5-minute shuttle from Clifton runs constantly from morning until night. The tranquil Chatham (Back) Bay offers excellent snorkeling in crystal clear, teal coloured water, beautiful sunsets and seasonal flocks of Pelicans. Several small beach huts serve local food and cold drinks. The best way to get there is by boat.

A 1-hour taxi tour can give visitors a good overview of the island, with stops at the island’s second town, Ashton, and the small fishing centre of Campbell. While passing through the various communities, visitors often witness traditional practices such as making gravel by hand at the stone quarry or slow burning wood to make charcoal for cooking. There is also the chance of spotting indigenous animals like iguanas, donkeys, agouti and wild goats. Union Island’s interesting scenery offers good conditions for hiking such as the trail from Clifton over to Chatham Bay. The fitter and more adventurous hikers can join members of the local community who have developed steep trails that climb through lush greenery to Parnassus and Mt. Olympus, where the extra effort is rewarded with some truly spectacular views of the entire Grenadines. Turtle watching expeditions provide another enjoyable option. Clockwise from top left: Chatham Bay; Alizee Sailly cleaning barracuda for the Waterfront Restaurant; Determination Bar; Sparrow’s Beach Club and Restaurant at Bigsand Beach; Dock supervisor, Cosmo, at Bougainvilla; Sheena Nanton in Clifton Market; Cynthia Ashton’s souvenir shop in Clifton Harbour; Grenadines Fishing. Photos:, Grenadines Fishing and Sally Miller

MAYREAU Union Island 125


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