Ins & Outs of SVG 2019



by Liza Stewart

In Caribbean life, pitching utopian ideals and ideologies is a regular pastime, as natural and prevalent as the almond tree leaves gusting along the shore. Fortunately, Bequians possess an amiable knack for taking lofted ‘what if’ queries to tangible, real world task.

All Photos: Nicola Cornwell

O n one particular April 2016 evening, community organizers and activists gathered tableside, flanked right and left by professional filmmakers, artists, musicians and singers, some having recently completed a twelve-week, teacher-student film programme. Reclaiming Paget Farm, a documentary retrospective, based on the evolution of Bequia’s south side, left a resounding impression on those involved of familial inclusivity and warm success. As the crowd fervently dialogued their perspectives, experiences, and social concerns, the idea that a united collective, based on harnessing creativity, might garner lasting positive impact island-wide. Later that year, Reclaiming Paget Farm won two Caribbean film awards, and ‘The Hub’, with its aspirational philosophy was born. An education in a myriad of the creative arts,

with professional instruction, and peer-inclusive mentorship form The Hub’s benchmark activities. January 2019 marks the official opening of a new welcoming community space, The Creative Arts Centre. Located in Port Elizabeth, behind the Anglican Church, the building stands symbolic of jubilant transformation in its colourful new façade and interior restoration. A roster of hands- on workshops and activities, including filmmaking, dance, voice, modeling, and painting, are slated to keep many busy at practice. The Centre also houses its own shop, showcasing and selling handmade crafts and creations. Armed with a roadmap to create, inspire, and enhance opportunities for Bequia’s youth, and the community at large, The Hub has made fast tracks achieving its objectives. Through The Hub’s tutelage,

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